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Fitting out a new office or upgrading the current furniture offering? We can offer you individualized, objective, non-biased support on current market furniture options available that may best meet your company’s and employees’ needs. To ensure employee comfort and satisfaction, while reducing costs with having to purchase individual items and keeping consistent aesthetics throughout the office, your workstation furniture should meet the needs of 95% of your employees. Ergonomics Asia can support you through in-depth consultancy, product reviews and procurement.

Ergonomics Consultancy Services

Additional Services
Poor ergonomics is a major reason for workers to experience pain and discomfort leading to reduced productivity or sickness leave. An example of an injury caused by poor ergonomics is lower back pain caused by hunching forward looking down at a laptop. Many jobs require people to perform the same movement again and again, day after day such as sitting at a desk. Poor posture caused by an ill-fitting workstation leads to pain and injury. Chronic neck and shoulder pain are commonly associated with poor workstation ergonomics which can affect work productivity, satisfaction and retention. Understanding physical capabilities and work demands to reduce risk within the workplace can increase productivity and overall comfort and worker satisfaction. Implementing and maintaining an ergonomics process can identify and reduce ergonomic risk factors with cost-effective workplace improvements by conducting ergonomic evaluations, prioritize and implement solutions, and evaluate effectiveness.

Office Risk Assessment

We all know that if we have a niggling pain or some discomfort that we can’t fully concentrate. The same is true to your team. Do your employees complain of neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain? These pains could be due to the current office design and the furniture. We can do a thorough risk assessment of the office layout and the furniture being used. The office audit looks at the usability of the office furniture. The audit considers the functionality of the workstations and identifies possible risks. The furniture is objectively evaluated. A thorough analysis is carried out and a comprehensive report with recommendations is provided. We also provide recommendations on possible alternative furniture or accessories that may assist employees to achieve the desired neutral posture whilst working and increase overall productivity.
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Office Design Consultancy

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We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks every day, and while it may not look like it, it can wreak havoc with our bodies. Investing in furniture is to invest in people. We’ll help you create beautiful, functional offices that make people happier, healthier and more productive. Stunning spaces that look great and feel great will encourage users to work great come from an innovative office design.

what we do

  • We consider all the individual shapes and sizes and come up with solutions that will fit the vast majority. Using our expertise in ergonomics we can also point out potential problems and recommend solutions.

  • Through meeting and open conversation with you, we will understand what you are trying to do, what you want to achieve, and what budget you’ve got. We will always propose the solution that maximises how you are spending your money and ensures that you get the best value for money.

  • Once all is approved we will get to work on designing your new office and procuring the furniture within agreed deadlines.

  • After the installation takes place and you have moved in and had time to trial the new space, we will come back and spend some time making sure your staff know how to get the most of out of their new workstations.